Robot Operas and Citation Styles

I have had a few very specific citation questions, so I’m going to include some examples here.

But first, a link to an article on “Robot Opera and Immortality” (operabots!). Scroll down for a Trailer.

People have been wondering how to cite a YouTube video.  For the most part, you’ll just follow the citation style for a website (see Easy Writer 234). This is actually an excellent page just to have handy because it will help you cite many different things.

You’ll really need to use your judgment about punctuation, etc. For example, here is a citation for a youtube video about the Robot Opera.

Opera of the Future. “Tod Machover, ‘Death and the Powers;’ a robotic opera.” YouTube, 27 Jan. 2011. Web. 7 March 2011.

I’m assuming that Opera of the Future as the author. (I could also use operaofthefuture, but when I followed the link, it listed “Opera of the Future” as the official author. Either one would work, however.)


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